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​We Currently Service the Following Areas:
​Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India & USA

our Services

- Glass Production Audits

- Storage Tank Inspection Audits
- Tube Flow Rates Inspection Audits
- Plumbing Inspection Audits
- Furnace/Heater Surveys
- Electric Sub-Station Surveys
- Electric Motor Surveys
- Hot-Spot Detection 

​and Sales of FLIR Devices, just Ask us !

We Offer Value Added Sales, Support & Training using FLIR Devices

General Energy Audits

- Construction Audits
- Electrical Audits
- Oil/Gas Refinery Audits
- Mechanical Surveys
- Steel Plant Audits
- Chemical Plant Audits
- Home Electrical Surveys
- Home Construction Surveys


Our Team



We offer a comprehensive survey on 
various Commercial Applications, such as : Heat or Energy Loss, Excess Heat Study and Efficiency Studies for Energy & the Chemical Sector

electrical &

Whether your constructing a new home or business, we can help you resolve where the problems areas of: Energy Loss, Leaks or possible defects.

We offer a wide range of Auditing, Surveying & Maintenance Prevention Services that can be customized to meet your immediate needs. Our team works directly with your team to come to the best solution for your home, business, or commercial needs.

​Our team of technicians and engineers, have been involved with IR Surveys &
Evaluation Reporting for over 12 years.

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We offer a variety of Electrical & Mechanical Audit Plans.